Saturday, January 31, 2009

Miami Co. Update

I just wanted to give a brief update to everyone on the Miami County office after its devastating loss after a broken water line. Thanks to the hard work of our volunteers and staff we have sorted through all the items in the office and disposed of the ruined and out dated items. We have also been doing a lot of tearing out to make room for the new.

Many contractors have been bidding on projects and we plan to move forward very soon. I don't want to give away many surprises but I will say that there will be a new, refreshed face to the office.

While the loss was monumental for us it was also a great time to refresh the Miami County office and do some upgrading. My hope is that we will reopen during the first week or two of March but I will have a more firm date in the near future.

I want to thank everyone for the support and patience during this transition. We are diligently working to reopen the office but also want to make sure we have all repairs completed in a quality manner. Also, thank you to those of you who have sorted wet items, swung sledge hammers and will soon be holding paint brushes. If you are interested in helping us with some of the upgrading and have experience in doing some basic home improvements please feel free to contact Mitch at either office number.

Will You Be A HERO?

As mentioned in an earlier post we will be conducting our annual Heroes for the American Red Cross campaign in March of 2009 in both Wabash and Miami Counties. This campaign involves individuals, businesses, churches and other civic organizations to raise funds and awareness for the American Red Cross during the month of March.

This campaign runs in conjunction with March is Red Cross Month and all the funds raised from the campaign support local Red Cross programs.

So will you be a HERO for the American Red Cross? Being a HERO doesn't require super powers. To be a HERO for the American Red Cross we just ask that you, your business or your group commits to raising $1,000 during the month of March. Raising $1,000 isn't as hard it may seem, think about things you can do such as bake sales at work, special offerings at church or other great ideas. Another easy way to raise $1,000 and become a HERO is to donate $100 of your own money and find 9 friends or coworkers who will match your gift.

Think of the impact your gift of $1,000 can have in your community. Your gift of $1,000 can help family with their immediate needs after losing their home and possessions in a fire. Your gift will also support the many other programs we offer including Health and Safety, Services to the Armed Forces, Transportation and Blood Services.

If you are interested in becoming a HERO for the American Red Cross please contact the local offices at 260.563.2658 or 765.473.4461. We look forward to hearing from you, a HERO for your local community and the Red Cross.